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Jean Brusselmans has painted several variations of naked women with long black hair, combing their hair or putting it up. He first used this theme in 1925 in Naakten die zich het haar opmaken (Naked women doing their hair). For Brusselmans, this theme was a compositional challenge. In order to put more emphasis on the shape and contour of his figures, Brusselmans often used plain coloured planes as background. Sometimes the coloured plane is part of the story, as is the case in Strandzicht met baadsters (Beach view with bathing women). The composition is systematically organised as a theatre set. Brusselmans was familiar with the theatre world. As a sideline, he used to paint décors for opera and drama. For the 1935 World Expo in Brussels, he designed a wall painting for which he chose the same position for a naked woman as in Strandzicht met baadsters (Beach view with bathing women).

Strandzicht met baadsters (Beach view with bathing women)

Jean Brusselmans
1884 - 1953

Jean Brusselmans, Strandzicht met baadsters (en bewolkte lucht boven de zee), ca. 1934.Collectie Mu.ZEE, Oostende. Foto : Steven Decroos. © SABAM 2012